"Steve,  You already know how we feel about your work.  You truly caught every
moment of our day and we can't thank you enough for that.... Thank you so much
for your time and talent, Sincerely,
Amy & Chris

" Hey Steve,  These all look great !  Thank You so much for capturing so much
during our special day ! "
Jason & Lillian  -

"You were a pleasure to work with ....  These look amazing !  Love them ! "   
Scott & Rachel ---     

"Everything is amazing, Thank you so much !
Ryan & Emily - Easton, PA.

"Hey Steve,  Just wanted to say the more I look at our album ( & the DVD Slide
Show )  the more I fall in love with it !
Our family & friends are blown away with your work !    Thanks Again. "  --  
Amy & Alex --

"Thanks so much !  The pictures turned out beautifully !   We Love them ! "
Julie & David - Reading, PA.

Kerry & Steve  - Allentown, PA

" Hi Steve -  I just wanted to let you know I recommended you to someone I work with...  Tim and I
love our photos and how awesome of a job you did.  We can not say enough great things about
you and how much
we LOVE our photos.....  I mean it from the bottom of my heart."
Maggie & Tim  -

" Steve -  We just received the (disc) of the engagement pictures and we couldn't be more pleased
with your work !!
 We absolutely love all of the pictures !  You did a wonderful job of  
"capturing the moment" ......
Matt 'n Kat  -- Blakeslee, PA.

"These are amazing.  Absolutely amazing !  Alison and I love them........ "
Brad & Alison -- Kentucky

" Hi Steve,  This is a long overdue email, but I did want to tell you how delighted Bruce and I were
with the photography you did for our son,  Brian's wedding at
Hunterdon Hills.  You were able to
capture big moments of the day but also small, subtle and "seemingly"  insignificant scenes of
the day.....  Your artistry shows through as you capture the play of light and shadow...
Thank You
for creating an exquisite permanent record of Brian and Rachel's wedding.  We will surely
recommend you,  and use you again for our future needs.
"   --  
Graphic Designer Mom of the Groom --  

"We got  (the album) !!!!!!!   It is amazing,  Thank You so much !!!   Everyone thinks the book is
!!!!! "
Marsha & Corry --

"Dear Steve,  Thank you so much for photographing our wedding in April.  You were wonderful to
work with & all of the pictures turned out beautiful.  We are so pleased with how the albums
turned out - our parents also love their albums !  You truly captured all of the wonderful moments
of our wedding day and  for that we are extremely thankful.  Thank you again for all your hard
work,  and Happy Holidays !  Sincerely, Donna & Pat Ryan  
---  ( From Donna & Pat's Thank You card )

" I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!  (Capri Album)   I couldn't  be happier....    Thank you sooooo much.
You are amazing at what you do !!!
Amber & Chad  --

" We Love them !  The ceremony and formals pics are fantastic too !!   You captured our day
better than I ever could have imagined,  and there is still more to come !!
Janie & Seth  --  

"  I  don't know how we are going to pick pics for the album.   Everyone was so amazed by how
beautiful your pics are ! "
Marsha & Corry --

"Amazing, Amazing, Amazing....  We've never seen such great photography !  You
truly have a gift.
 We feel we can't thank you enough for what you've done for us....  You didn't
miss a beat,  and we swear you are some kind of ninja - the way you moved around the room...  
We want you to know we are BEYOND pleased with the results !
Chris & Amy,  Conn.

"Hi Steve, First,  I just want to thank you SO much... all of the photos turned out beautiful - I can't
even count how many times I have looked through them...  You really did an excellent job !
Donna R.  -  Chatham,  NJ  

"Hi Steve;    The Capri Album arrived today.  I LOVE it,  it's PERFECT !!!  Exactly what I wanted.
Thank You so much !!!
Devon & Richard"   
Saylorsburg,  PA.  

"They are BEAUTIFUL !!  Just what I was hoping for
!!  Can't wait to see the rest.... definitely not
getting any work done today.  I'll be busy looking at pictures.....
All I can say is that you have truly captured the heart,  emotion and happiness of the day !  Thank
you for creating a lifetime of memories :) ! "
...Just viewed the DVD (slideshow) .....LOVED IT !!!!!!   Really can't find the words to express our
gratitude for sharing your talent !  It felt like we were in a movie theater...  It is truly a work of art !!
Dori H.  -  Mother of the Bride - Kunkletown,  PA.  

" Dear Steve -  Thank you so much for photographing our daughter's wedding this past Saturday.  
I know you were busy all day long but we never once felt you were intruding or interfering in our
enjoyment of the day (and having several friends whose children have gotten married recently,  I
know that isn't always the case.  Donna forwarded the 3 sample  shots you sent her --
I was able
to hold back  and not shed a tear on Saturday,  but when I saw the beautiful photos of her,  there
was no controlling the tears
.  We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures !
Thank You Again !"
Diana R. - Mother of the Bride -  Vernon,  NJ  

"Oh my goodness !!  I love them !!  You captured so many great pictures !!
Megan & David"   -- Villanova
"We received the album on Friday.....  and it is absolutely beautiful !  You captured so many
moments from the day...   
 I,ve told you this before,  but you did a fabulous job.  
Best deal in town !! "
Megan & David  (#2)

"Steve --  We got it  (Asuka Wedding Album)  and it is AMAZING !  Thank you SO MUCH !   I can't
wait to show it off to everyone !   Beautiful work -- we can't thank you enough !!
Elizabeth & Ryan "  - Brooklyn,  New York

"Steve,  Thank you for photographing our wedding.  You did a wonderful job and the pictures are
amazing !  Thank you so much for your professionalism and hard work.
Tawnya & Bernard " - Saylorsburg

One word:  
FANTASTIC !!!  Your shots are extraordinary....   Thank you so much...   
You captured exactly what we wanted...  
Ed & Ann "

"Hi Steve,
We got the album and LOVE it ! We've taken it all over to show people.  We even had a waitress  at
a restaurant ask for your info the other day.  
Everyone else loves it too !  Thanks for everything !
Jessica & Joe"    Palmerton, PA.

"Hi Steve,
We received the
(Asuka) album,  it is beautiful and it looks so professionally done.  Thanks for all
the effort that you have put in,  not only the album,  but the  (
DVD Slide Show) as well.  I received
numerous excellent remarks from friends and relatives regarding your work.  
They are all
fascinated with your photography.
 I would definitely recommend you to all of my friends and
relatives.  Thank you for all the precious moments that you captured that we can hold in our
hearts forever.  Thanks a million !!!!!!!!!!
Jocelyn & Jeff "   Saylorsburg, PA.

" Steve,  
We have just finished going through the wedding photo proofs online.  
To say we are pleased
with your work is the understatement of the year.
 Everything exceeded our
expectations ten fold.  From our first meeting to the final product and everything in between.  Not
only are there more pictures than we expected,  but it seems like there are no bad ones either .    
Your professionalism and work ethic before,  during and after,  was and has been second to none.
Thank you for making our special day live on forever through your extraordinary photos.
You are a very talented individual.
Jim & Stacie --  Pen Argyl,  PA.

" Fantastic job, Steve - absolutely Stunning!
Words cannot express how much feeling and emotion is reflected in each picture that you took.
They tell a story of how much Eric and I love each other and how emotional it was for both of us
as well as for all our friends and family
--- and you captured it  ALL !!
Ann & Eric --  East Greenville,  PA.

" Hi Steve...
I received your (DVD's) yesterday...
Thank You so much. We love the photos - there are too many to choose from!  My parents watch
their copy
(of the Slide Show) every morning,  afternoon,  and evening.
They love it,  too....  We are very impressed with your work,  and we will recommend you to others !
Take care -- "
Donna and Joe --  San Mateo, CA.

"Hi Steve,
The pictures are amazing !  I've only looked through a handful so far,  but I am loving them..."
- Eszter and Ron - Southampton,  PA.  

"We received the DVD a few days ago.  The pictures  are phenomenal and we are definitely happy
(them.) Thank you so much."  --
-- Michael & Jennifer -  Allen Twp.,  PA.

"Steve ,
We had a chance this weekend to look at the photos you've posted so far.. simply put-- AMAZING !
They look beautiful and we're excited to pick out our favorites.  We can't get over how amazing
they are...
Everyone is happy with the photos....  You have a true gift and we are thankful you were able to
capture our day.
Take Care --
Paul & Maria "  --  Bethlehem,  PA. - -

I am confident I can thank you for a wonderful job done before even seeing our photos !
I was overly pleased with you yesterday !
Thanks again !
--- Tatum & Steve"  --  Pohatcong,  New Jersey  --

" Dear Steve -
I just wanted you to know that the photos you have put into the gallery  
unbelievable !!
Thank You so much !
Leslie "  
Mother of the Bride)  Morristown, NJ   --

WOW !   Imagine my joy and surprise when checking my e-mail today !   Thank you for the very
pleasant surprise.  
I am in awe.  I never expected to relive the joy so soon.  Your work leaves me speechless.....
Marissa keeps saying how much she loves you.  I asked if it was you or your photos she loved -
she said both.
Thank you seems insufficient,  but it's the best I've got !
--- Donna"
    -  -  
(Mother of the bride)  Catasauqua,  PA.  --  

I forgot to tell you,  I was on your website the other day and the work you have been doing is
amazing !
We are so excited to have you photograph our wedding and cannot wait to see your beautiful work.
Congratulations on building such a good client base and for the stellar recommendations from
previous clients.
See you soon.
Anna & Charles"  --  Alexandria, VA. --  

They look  GREAT !!    We're thrilled with them!
We'll forward this to all that came
(plus more).   People are going to love them.
We're really, really happy that you took these  pictures.
You caught the personality and the flavor of the event with artistic flair."
Darlene & Joe  --    Sierra Madre,  CA.

".........we checked out your work on your website and it is beautiful !!
...Kathy "  --
 Bergen County, NJ  --

I absolutely  LOVE  the  pictures !!  I can't believe you could be in so many places at one
time !!!
 You really captured the day beautifully!  You have received so many compliments from
guests and those I have shared the pictures with.  It really comes through that you love what you
Again, thank  you very much!  
I will be recommending you to everyone who asks,   and keeping your number for myself !!
Kathleen M. "  -- Wayne, NJ  --

"Hi Steve,
Thanks for the phenomenal  DVD...  
Truly excellent images !  
We were truly lucky to have your talent and inspiration....  I thank you very much.
--Marypat  P. "   --  
Milford, PA.  --  

These (photos)  are great !   You have a gift !
Barry R. "  --  Hackettstown,  NJ  --  

"Congratulations and thank you !   Your hard work and dedication to excellence contributed
The Star-Ledger  winning the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News.  Clearly,  we are all
part of a
terrific team and can take pride in sharing this important accomplishment.   Enjoy"  
>>> Note to Steve and other staff members from the Editor and the Publisher,
participation in producing the 2005 Pulitzer Prize winning story and photos. <<<<

"Dear Steve:
Thank you very much for your kindness....  and the fine photographs you made of Benny
Goodman and myself.  They are great shots....
--William F. Hyland -   (former) NJ Attorney General

" ....  Mr. Klaver was above the norm in courtesy......"
Patricia Ross -"      --Warner Communications  New York ,  NY

"Dear Mr. Klaver:
Your photographs are excellent....  I wish you continued success in your work.
(The Late )  Harriet Adams "
(Creator of:    Nancy Drew,   Hardy Boys,  and  Bobbsey Twins  books)  Bedminster,  NJ


                      Lehigh Valley Area
Steve  Klaver  Photos  LLC