FITA  East    at Reading Archery Club
                 Nov. 9th,  2013
EFGA  Tournament  Archers  Jacob & Sage competed
at                   12:30pm,    &   Renee shot her arrows at 4pm.....
Renee,  seen through her target after destroying the bullseye with so many hits.  
It had to be replaced with a fresh target.  She shot a final score of 522 out of 600.
Jacob & Sage,  (red & Blue) shooting in the Star FITA
(L-R)  Sage's sister Zoe, and her mom Sue,  with Jacob's
parents Maria & JoJo , watching the arrows....
Judge reads the rules before the tournament
Archers pull their practice arrows.
Typical Jacob shots....  
Jake & Sage score their hits.   After sixty arrows,
Jacob shot a total of 514 points,  Sage shot 524.
Renee waits for the signal to enter the shooting line.
Renee,  Pink !
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