EFGA  Archers Climbing !     2013
 Strength,  Focus,  Confidence
While not a part of the Easton Fish & Game Assoc.'s  Archery Program,  archers and their parents are invited to try
indoor "rock climbing" / top roping,  or just  "Bouldering"  one or 2 feet off of the  "ground".

This activity has been shown to build  
Confidence,   Strength  &  Focus,   the same qualities needed for high scores
in archery,  and throughout life !

During the warmer months,  we go to places like Allamuchy (NJ) Mountain Park for real rock Top
Roping and Bouldering !  
If you would like to join us,  you will need to let me know via fone or email.  These will not be formal lessons,  just an
outing and picnic.

Jacob who says he had a fear of heights until he saw all
the other kids climbing the walls at the North Summit
Climbing Gym in Wind Gap, PA.  Jacob ascended to the 40
foot ceiling in seconds !   ( Photos by Jojo - his dad )
Archer Eliza chalks up for
another move as she ascends
the wall....
( Photo by Greg - Her dad )
Archers Renee and
Jacob traverse the walls
as they  "boulder"  their
way around the gym.
( Photo by Greg )
With a foot and a hand on each side of an outside
corner, Renee is determined to keep from peeling off
of the over-hanging wall.   ( Photo by Greg )
Isis, Sage and William having fun as they  "boulder"  on the wall
Pix below were made recently at Allamuchy Mountain Park in New
                        Photos by Melinda, Eliza & Renee's
( L-R )    Eliza,  Renee,  Sage  &  Isis are The October Sky Archers
Isis & Renee below the practice face at Allamuchy Mt. Pk.